Year: 2019 / Role: Creative Director (Global)


As a Creative Director (global) at Icreon, one of the goals, was to mentor the talents on a new design process.

The one that I usually use involves 3 phases: Discovery, Define and Design.

I toke advantage of working on an internal project so they were able to know what to do for the future client project and be prepared. The website also included SiteCore, so we needed to create a design system.

The goal was to design templates and components (with all the variations possible) in order for the authors to design new pages maintaining the look and feel of the website always uniform and using the same style guide.

We started with the DISCOVERY phase:

- interviewing the stakeholders

- analyzing the market and competitors

- analyzing the numbers from Google Analytics

- etc

Example of Personas

Another example of personas

Then we started with the DEFINE phase, basically we toke everything that came out from the discovery phase and started to create documentation such as:

- personas

- content strategy

- sitemap

- design study (colors, fonts etc)

- photography

An example of mood board

And to finish we started the DESIGN phase, that includes:

- content blocks

- wireframes

- UI

- prototypes

- UI production


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