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Presenting the Design Process, deliverables, tools and roles involved.

Design is a way of thinking, a way of doing.

The term “design” today represents both a mindset, a process/protocol, but also an outcome and the method to achieve it.

Design Process

The word “Design” represents a mindset, a process and a protocol but also a RESULT and the METHOD to reach it. 


DISCOVERY is the most important phase of the Design Process.

Is where we can understand the needs and problems of our client, the opportunities and the strategy to approach using interviews, research, analyzing existing KPI’s, user patterns, etc..

What’s included in the Discovery Phase.

  • Interviews
  • Research
  • Benchmarks
  • Best Practices
  • Analysis KPI

DEFINE is where we take everything we learned from the Discovery phase.

And we start to define things, that will help us to have a better idea on how to design the information in the next phase.

What’s included in the Define Phase

  • User Personas
  • Tree Testing
  • Content Strategy
  • Site Map
  • Design Study (colors, fonts, photography, etc)
  • Users Stories

DESIGN is when we take everything we defined from Define phase and design it.

We start designing blocks to give us an overall idea of the importance of content, then we design wireframes. After the client signs off, we start to create UI and the style guide.

What’s included in the Design Phase?

  • Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • UI Production
  • Prototypes
  • “Bible” for developers (big document that includes interactions etc)

Final thought: There is not innovation without Design.

A car is a car, with a lot of engineering in the backend, but how do you put all together and make it beautiful/useful for the final users?

We can’t have a positive experience using something without design.

..and.. We can use this Design Process  also for little tasks.

No matters if it’s a million dollars project or a simple task, applying this process (in a smaller scale) for even designing a banner, is guaranteeing more possibilities of success and client satisfaction.

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